Marie Madonna

A magazine that is based on face synthesis to create a new «average» face. In our society ruled by images, self-portraits called «selfies», and automatism, this edition is my use of the Screenopé project. Every photography were initially digital selfies placed in a material dimension by silver printing them. This issue of «PORTRAIT TYPE» («COMPOSITE PROFILE») brings forward analogue photographers.

Specific use of analogue photography was the identification of individuals, we can now ask ourselves, does a typical analogue photographer exist? The relationship between analogue and digital is put into practice. A call for a project has been initiated, divided into two distinct parts. The first part was to collect and create a database of portraits as selfies. The next part wasn’t based on the physical aspect of photographers but their approach. A way to step back and see each photographer’s uniqueness.

  • Photography
  • Experimental
  • Newspaper
  • 2019
    • ÉSAD Valence
    Composite Profile
    Composite Profile